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I am a young professional with a passion for coding, variety of experience, high social intelligence, and a ceaseless imagination.

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    3+ years experience with a focus on digital. Deep understanding of social media, SEO, etc.

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    Dev tools

    Experience using many developer tools including npm, Webpack, Gulp, Git Hub, Firebase, API's, etc.

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    Practical knowledge of, and experience using, HTML, CSS, SASS, JS, , and React.

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    Team player

    Thrives in fast paced situations. Leadership and support experience delivering consistent, quality results.

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    Unquenchable curiosity. I approach problems uniquely, making complex solutions attainable.

  • My showcase

    Take a trip through four pieces of work I developed highlighting different skills I possess.

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    This showcases my ability to make someone else's design shine. For this website I was following a PSD with a requirement to reproduce it exactly without measurements. I could only use floats in the styling.

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    Track for the rocket ship

    Solar scientist

    This is a choose your own adventure game where you become a scientist on a journey through the solar system. I fully designed and created this project with an intention to showcase jQuery.

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    Check yourself

    This is a sentiment checking tool designed to check your tweet for possible abuse, missed mentions, and overall tone. I designed and created this project to showcase a React app.

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    Dialect ditty

    Ever wonder what the lyrics to your favourite song would be if Shakespeare wrote them? How about if Jar Jar Binks did? This site was designed and built in a pair showcasing our ability to collaborate as well as our knowledge of API's.

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    My process

    No matter how complex the site or app, it can be broken down into five simple steps.



    Wireframing allows me to see what the needs of the project are and how to best layout the page to showcase them. I find the primary focus of the site and gather feedback at an early stage.



    If not given a design already, I lay out how each section will look/interact and add to the whole. This allows me to provide a consistent feel throughout.



    Where the magic happens. I get my hands dirty and create the page based on the wireframe and designs I have already. Effective both alone and as a part of a team.



    Often the most overlooked aspect of creating a web page. I will test for accessibility, responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, etc. This ensures a consistent and flawless experience.



    The last step that continues indefinitely. Once the page is live, I will monitor usage and ensure it remains up to date.

    Monthly facts

    Peek into a recent month of my life.


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